SPP-4000 Series

The SPP-4000 Series is the second collection of PC through-hole transformers designed specifically for use with Power Integrations™ Integrated Circuit (IC) chips, by Prem Magnetics. They also work exceptionally well in a variety of other applications, in products like cell phone chargers, notebook adapters and more.

Here you’ll find AC to DC converter, PC through-hole transformers designed for use with Power Integration TOPSwitch and LinkSwitch chips.Browse this collection for transformers designed for the following Power Integrations™ chip part numbers: TOP258PN, TOP256PN, TOP258EN, TOP259EN, TNY255EN, TNY256EN, TOP258MN, LNK362P, LNK363P.

SPP-4000 Series Switch Mode Power Supply Transformers for IC Chips

The products in this category are AC to DC converters, AC to DC flybacks and switch mode transformers.

SPP-4000 transformers are built to optimize the performance of Power Integrations™ IC chips. Depending on the transformer chosen, specifications include:

  • A Circuit V input of 85-265 Vac, and 90-265 Vac.
  • Circuit power output of between 2.0W-80W max.
  • Tfmr HIPOT of 3K Vrms P-S.

Products in this range have a variety of uses, and can be found in cell phone and note book chargers, enhanced eco-smart off-line switchers, power adapters, ink jet printers and more.