Custom Transformers

Prem Magnetics is proud to craft custom transformers. We are here to meet your every need with high quality custom transformers and coils of all kinds. Our team can:

  • Modify an existing transformer
  • Design, create prototypes and build a completely new transformer to meet your specifications.

We craft high quality custom transformers for aerospace, audio, medical, industrial applications, and more.

For all your custom transformer design, custom coil and other power transformer needs, we are the first choice custom transformer manufacturer. 

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Prem Magnetics, Inc. offers the flexibility of designing custom coils and transformers to your specific parameters from scratch or by simply modifying any of our existing standard products.

Prem will work to provide you with the best possible part at the most affordable cost.

  • There is no minimum purchase requirement or Non-recurring Engineering (NRE) charge for custom parts.
  • In terms of order quantity, no order is too big or too small.

Look no further for custom made transformers and custom coils. With over 40 years’ experience, Prem Magnetics is the custom transformer manufacturer you can trust.


  • Linear
  • Single Phase
  • Isolation
  • Switchmode
  • Step Up
  • Step Down
  • High Isolation
  • Printed Circuit Mount
  • Chassis Mount
  • Open Frame
  • Shielded
  • Encapsulated
  • High Efficiency
  • NRTL Capable
  • Standard/Custom Primary Voltages
Custom Power Transformers
  • Telecom Band
  • Audio Band
  • With DC
  • Without DC
  • Printed Circuit Mount (Through-Hole & Surface Mount)
  • Chassis Mount
  • Shielded
  • Encapsulated
  • Laminated Core
  • Ferrite Core
  • Toroidal Core
  • High Isolation
Custom Impedance Matching Transformers
  • 25V Input
  • 70.7V Input
  • 25V/70.7V Input
  • Printed Circuit Mount
  • Chassis Mount
  • Laminated Core
  • Ferrite Core
  • Powdered Iron Core
  • Toroidal Core
  • High Current
  • Common Mode
  • Single Conductor
  • Multi Conductor (Litz)
  • Printed Circuit Mount
  • Chassis Mount
Custom Inductors & Chokes
  • Adjustable Linearity Coils
  • Fixed Linearity Coils
  • Width Coils
  • Single Conductor
  • Multi Conductor (Litz)
Custom CRT Coils
  • Box Build
  • Electromechanical Assemblies
  • Component and Wiring Assemblies
  • Wire Termination
  • Prototyping
  • Functional Testing
  • Preparation Build Kits
  • Procurement Optimization
Custom Assemblies

Value Added Services: Simplifying Processes & Improving Efficiencies

In addition, Prem offers value-added services. We can deliver complete assemblies integrated with our standard or custom magnetic components, or with components from your bill of materials.

We provide turnkey solutions for low- to mid-volume companies and customers who have difficulty achieving the economies of scale needed for efficient, profitable operation.
As a one stop shop providing you with all your custom transformer needs, we can help simplify your processes and provide a seamless experience.


Our customers benefit from:

  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Lower inventory costs by purchasing a bundled product
  • Increased profits and efficiency
  • Freedom from handing non-core processes