Custom Air Core Inductors

Also known as “air coils” and “air core coils”, air core inductors are a popular choice for customizations and original designs.

Air core inductors are found in many residential and industrial items. Some common applications include Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) wireless systems, portable electronics, magnetic cards, high-frequency circuits, signal filtering, as well as TV and radio receivers. Air core inductors are able to store energy in a magnetic field. This energy is then used to provide power or filtering capabilities to electronic devices.


The Benefits of Air Core Inductors

Air coils are the ideal choice for projects that require:

  • High-frequency operations: Air coils are an excellent choice for projects that operate at high frequencies. Air core coils don’t have a magnetic core, so they can surpass traditional coils in terms of how high a frequency they can operate at. TV/radio receivers, RFID systems, and high-speed communication systems are all examples of applications that require inductors that can operate at high frequencies.
  • Low loss: A very limited amount of power is lost with air core inductors; you can rely on a high-quality air core coil to last longer due to a lower loss of heat energy.
  • Saturation-free performance: Air core inductors don’t suffer from saturation issues, as they don’t have a core at all (hence the name “air core”). If you’re looking for a solution that side-steps saturation issues, air core coils are ideal.
  • Lower peak inductance: By nature, coils produce a magnetic field around them – but sometimes the breadth of this can be of concern, depending on your application. The maximum magnetic field created is referred to as the coil’s “peak inductance”. Air coils do not create such an extensive magnetic field as other kinds of coils, and therefore are great for use in radio applications and other projects where signal clarity is essential.

Air coils offer an efficient solution for high-frequency applications, including in electronics, radio receivers, and more.

Prem Magnetics will modify air coils to meet your needs or build new air core inductors specifically designed for your application. Send over your specifications for a free quote, or speak with an expert for additional insight.