SPP-4008: 2.0W Max. Transformer for LNK362P Application

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Data Sheet:
SPP-4008 Data Sheet
SPP-4008: 2.0W Max. Transformer for LNK362P Application

Specifically designed for Lnk36P applications, this switching transformer is designed with your Power Integrations™ IC chip in mind. It is also a popular solution for additional products, including 2.0W constant voltage power adapters. The SPP-4008 is therefore built to the following high standards and specifications detailed below:

  • Designed to comply with IEC950, EN60950, UL1950/CSA950, supplementary insulation (300V).
  • Designed for EN55022 and CISPR-22B for EMC noise performance.
  • Meets CEC 2008 requirement of greater than 55.2% efficiency.
  • 2.0W maximum (constant voltage power adapter application), 1 DC output:
    • +6.2V @ 322mADC.
  • Dielectric strength: 3000Vrms primary to secondary, 1 second.
  • A switching transformer with 85-265Vac power supply.

Please refer to the SPP-4008 data sheet attached above for more details, to determine if the SPP-4008 is right for your project.

For modifications to this switching transformer, or a custom transformer build, contact us. Our team will design, prototype and build the transformer you need to meet your exact specifications. Request your free quote today.