Coil Winding

Prem Magnetics offers expert custom coil winding services. We design and build transformers, coils and inductors for countless applications and industries. Our electromagnetic coils can be found in motors, audio equipment, electronics, medical equipment, generators and more. We are highly experienced coil winders, able to provide expert solutions to efficiently meet your project needs.

No matter your inductor coil uses or custom coil build request, our coil winding services will exceed your expectations. From custom coil design to prototyping, to full build completion, we can ensure the success of your coil winding project.

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Why Choose Prem Magnetics for Custom Coils?

Customers look to Prem Magnetics for coil winding services thanks to our reputation for excellence, attention to detail, high-quality products, customer service and affordability.

  • We are committed to manufacturing only the very best custom coils. All our custom coils and every product we sell is 100% quality tested.
  • All our wound coils are made using superior wire, sold by our sister company, Remington Industries. Remington Industries is a distributor of high quality wire and raw materials. We regularly wind coils using Hook Up Wire, Magnet Wire, Uninsulated Wire, and can source any wire you need via our Wire Procurement Services.
  • We believe in the importance of custom parts designed for unique applications. To make our custom built coils affordable, we offer no minimum purchase requirement or non-recurring engineering (NRE) charge for custom parts.
  • We are here to meet your needs no matter how big or small your order may be. Every custom coil winding project we complete has our full attention and will be completed to your exact specifications.

Our Custom Coil Winding Services

With over 40 years of coil winding experience, we are a family-owned custom coil manufacturer. Our vast custom coil winding service makes us the perfect choice to complete coil winding projects for countless industries and applications. We’re fully equipped with coil winding machines, including automatic transformer coil winding machines and hand coil winders.

From custom coiled cables to custom copper coils, our coil winding services are efficient, affordable and professional. We regularly complete custom coil winding projects including the following specific types of coil windings and more:

  • Single phase transformer winding
  • Custom transformer winding
  • Inductor coil winding
  • Choke coil winding
  • Reactor coil winding
  • Copper coil winding
  • CRT coil winding
  • Precision coil winding
  • Medical grade coil winding
  • Linear coil winding
  • Bifilar and trifilar coil winding
  • Toroidal core winding

Custom CRT Coils

Our custom CRT Coils are perfect for anyone interested in CRT design or restoration with high-quality CRT display magnetics. Our CRT Display Magnetics page offers a range of existing options, and our custom services team can design and craft the ideal CRT coil to meet your needs.

-          Adjustable Linearity Coils
-          Fixed Linearity Coils
-          Width Coils
-          Single Conductor
-          Multi Conductor (Litz)

The Custom Coil Manufacturer You Can Trust

Prem Magnetics is committed to providing the very best customer service and manufacturing products that are built to last. Each of our custom coils is designed and crafted uniquely for you, to meet your exact specifications. We take great effort to ensure that every coil is wound with care, and all our products are 100% tested to ensure dependability.

Look no further for exceptional, affordable choke coil and a wide range of additional coil winding services from a trusted custom coil manufacturer. Contact our Johnsburg, Illinois team today.

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