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What is an Instrument Transformer?

Instrument transformers are high accuracy class electrical devices used to measure voltage, power, current, energy, power, and other electrical quantities. They are also designed to serve as protective relays for modern power systems, isolating secondary control circuitry from high voltages or currents.


What are the Advantages of Instrument Transformers?

Instrument transformers are often purchased for the following reasons:

  • They increase operator safety by isolating measuring instruments and control circuits from high voltage circuits.
  • They reduce the overall cost of measuring instruments by standardizing the process.
  • They reduce the overall power consumption as a result of low voltage and current levels in measuring.


Applications of Instrument Transformers

Instrument transformers are found in high-precision environments, including in the following settings:

  • They are used in the metering industry for accurately measuring high current values.
  • They are used in control equipment for supplying isolated voltage to protective relays.


What is a Current Transformer?

Current transformer (CT) units are a type of instrument transformer that are series-connected and are designed to ensure an accurate connection between the current ratio and phase.


How Does a Current Transformer Work?

 A current transformer is designed to measure the current of another circuit.

CT transformers are usually used to monitor high-voltage lines and have the ability to transform a high current into a lower value and safely measure the electrical current running in an AC transmission line.


What is a Zero Sequence Current Transformer?

 Also called core balance current transformers (CBCT), zero sequence current transformers are used to identify zero sequence currents during short circuit fault events.

An example would be when a conductor drops to the ground or comes in contact with the neutral conductor causing a single line-to-ground fault on the transmission and leading to an imbalance in currents in three-phase systems.


Are Current Transformers Directional?

Current transformers are generally used in AC circuits and therefore do not need to be installed directionally.


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