SPP-4006: 40W Max. Transformer for TOP256EN Application

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Data Sheet:
SPP-4006 Data Sheet
SPP-4006: 40W Max. Transformer for TOP256EN Application

The SPP-4006 switching transformer was developed by the experts at Prem Magnetics. It is specifically associated with Power Integrations™ IC chip TNY256EN applications and can also be used for 40W notebook charger uses.

Discover more about the standards and specifications of the SPP-4006. Take a look at the attached data sheet to learn if this solution is the right fit for your project. We’ve also provided numerous key specifications and compliance characteristics for your review, below:

  • Designed to comply with IEC950, EN60950, UL1950/CSA950, supplementary insulation (300V).
  • Designed for EN55022 and CISPR-22B for EMC noise performance.
  • Meets Energy Star V2.0 draft requirement of greater than 82% full load efficiency.
  • 40W maximum (notebook charger application), 1 DC output:
    • +19V @ 2.1ADC.  
  • Dielectric strength: 3000Vrms primary to secondary, 1 second.
  • PC through-hole mounting style.

If you require modifications to this switching transformer via a custom solution, get in touch with Prem Magnetics for more information. Our team takes the time to make sure you have the perfect transformer for your application and project needs. Request a free quote today.