SPP-4001: 35W Max. Transformer for TOP258PN Application

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Data Sheet:
SPP-4001 Data Sheet
SPP-4001: 35W Max. Transformer for TOP258PN Application

Your TOP258PN Power Integrations™ IC chip applications will benefit from the SPP-4001 created by Prem Magnetics. Designed by experts, this solution is also a great choice for many other products, including those with Enhanced EcoSmart Off-Line Switchers.

Easily determine if this is the right switch mode power supply transformer for your project by viewing the specifications and compliance standards of the SPP-4001:

  • Designed with greater than 3.0mm creepage per IEC950, EN60950, UL1950/CSA950, Class II reinforced insulation (250V).
  • Designed for EN55022 and CISPR-22B for EMC noise performance.
  • Meets Energy Star requirements of greater than 81% efficiency.
  • 35W maximum (LCD monitor application), 2 DC outputs:
    • +15V @ 1.9ADC.
    • +5V @ 1.7ADC.
  • Dielectric strength: 3000Vrms primary to secondary, 1 second.

Discover more information about the SPP-4001 by viewing the attached data sheet.

Prem Magnetics can assist you with modifications to this product and others. Talk to us about custom transformers, inductors and coils. We have solutions for every project; request your free quote for a custom build.