Custom Chokes and Inductors

Prem Magnetics is committed to meeting customer needs to their exact specifications. We’re proud to build custom reactors, chokes and inductors tailored to your application, to provide you with the precise impedance you require. We can offer all of the following custom inductor services and more, leading you seamlessly through the design build process to success:

-          Browse our range of existing inductors and request modifications for the ideal solution.
-          Request custom inductor designs for a unique project.
-          Ask our team to build prototype inductors to ensure success before a custom build takes place.
-          Our team will craft the perfect custom inductor to meet your exact specifications.

With over 40 years’ of experience building chokes and inductors, Prem Magnetics is the reputable custom inductor manufacturer trusted by businesses across the United States and beyond.

To request your original custom power inductor design, prototype or a new custom inductor build from our team, submit the form below.

Our wide range of inductors range from inductances of 0.9µH at 13.0ADC, to 22mH at 2.4ADC. Browse existing inductors, choke, reactors and coil for electromagnetic induction or request a custom product.


  • Laminated Core
  • Ferrite Core
  • Toroidal Core


  • Printed Circuit Mount
  • Chassis Mount
  • High Current
Custom Inductors & Chokes

Prem Magnetics can design and build the custom choke you’re looking for, including common mode, line, toroidal chokes, and more.

  • Common Mode
  • High Current
  • Single Conductor
  • Multi Conductor (Litz)
  • Ferrite Core
  • Powdered Iron Core
  • Toroidal Core
Custom Inductors & Chokes

More Information on Prem Magnetics’ Custom Chokes, Inductors and Reactors

Custom chokes, inductors and reactors are designed for your success. We’re here to provide the exceptional solution you’re looking for.

Custom Inductors

Request custom inductors designed for essential electromagnetic induction. We build dependable custom chokes and inductors for applications ranging from analog circuits and radio receivers to induction motors and signal processing.

Prem Magnetics regularly builds inductors with inductance values of 0.9µH at 13.0ADC, to 22mH at 2.4ADC.

Choose from affordable air-core inductors wound on plastic bobbins or request premium inductors with higher inductance levels thanks to iron or ferrite, magnetic cores.

From SMD inductors to line filter inductors, we’re expert custom inductor manufacturers.

Tell us your inductance and application needs, and we’ll craft the perfect custom reactor, choke or inductor for you.

Custom Choke Inductor

Enable DC to pass as needed while filtering AC current with custom choke inductors designed for your application. Prem Magnetics designs and builds prototypes and custom chokes for radio equipment, as well as attenuating EMI wideband bead chokes, RF chokes, filter choke inductors, power chokes and choke inductors of many kinds.

Custom Reactors

Often found in electrical transmission systems, reactors are essential parts in many applications. Prem Magnetics builds custom reactors to manage the starting current in speed control systems and more.

Request a Custom Inductor

Prem Magnetics has the vastly experienced team you’re looking for to provide exceptional custom chokes and inductors that are 100% tested and designed to last. Contact us today to request a custom power inductor unique to your project needs, and one of our trusted team members will get back to you in no time.

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