SPP-3004: 4.0W Max. Transformer for TNY254 Application

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Data Sheet:
SPP-3004 Data Sheet
SPP-3004: 4.0W Max. Transformer for TNY254 Application

Prem Magnetics is a trusted transformer manufacturer that has successfully built solutions to meet the needs of Power Integrations™ Integrated Circuit (IC) chips.

Part of our range tailored to the precise specifications of these IC chips, the SPP-3004 is designed for use with the chip part number TNY254.

Choose the SPP-3004 for a solution that meets the requirements detailed below.

  • This transformer offers greater than 5.0mm creepage per EN60950.
  • Expect 4.0W maximum circuit power outage:
    • 2 DC outputs: 6V to 10VDC. OR
    • 1 DC output: 12V to 24VDC.
  • Choose this part for dielectric strength of 4000Vrms primary to secondary.

For smooth AC to DC conversion, this switch mode transformer is an excellent choice. This part is prevalent in low power off-line switchers.

Alternatively, consider SPP-3003, another solution designed specifically for use with the chip TNY254. This transformer is also a PC through-hole solution designed for ease of implementation.

Our experienced team also modifies existing transformers and crafts custom solutions to ensure your projects succeeds. Contact us today for a free quote.