SPP-4103: 50W Max. Transformer for DPA425R Application

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Data Sheet:
SPP-4103 Data Sheet
SPP-4103: 50W Max. Transformer for DPA425R Application

Prem Magnetics has expertly designed and created a switching transformer that is built with high-efficiency and strength. The SPP-4103 works well with your DPA425R Power Integrations™ IC chip applications, as well as many other products like PoE and telecom applications.

Select the SPP-4103 if your projects require the following high standards and specifications:

  • 50W maximum (DC to DC forward converter with synchronous rectification, such as a satellite receiver application).
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) and telecom applications (36–75VDC input).
  • Dual output:
    • 5.0V @ 6.0ADC.
    • 3.3V @ 6.0ADC.
  • Dielectric strength: 1500VDC primary to secondaries.
  • Approximately 90% efficient.
  • Through-hole mount.
  • Coupled inductor for this application available: SPP-4104.

To learn more about the SPP-4103 switch mode transformer, view the attached data sheet.

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