SPP-3006: 5.5W Max. Transformer for TNY255 Application

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Data Sheet:
SPP-3006 Data Sheet
SPP-3006: 5.5W Max. Transformer for TNY255 Application

Look no further for an ideal solution designed specifically for use with Power Integrations™ Integrated Circuit (IC) chip part number TNY255. The following specifications are met by the SPP-3006.

  • Greater than 5.0mm creepage per EN60950.
  • Circuit power output 5.5W maximum:
    • 2 DC outputs: 6V to 12VDC. OR
    • 1 DC output: 12V to 24VDC.
  • Dielectric strength: 4000Vrms primary to secondary.
  • Circuit V input: 85-265Vac.
  • Transformer HIPOT: 4KVrms P-S.

This AC to DC converter is regularly found in low power off-line switchers, and is conveniently built in the PC through-hole style. Look to SPP-3005 for an alternative solution designed for part number TNY255.

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