SPB-300 Series

The SPB-300 series is a collection of drum core power inductors rated between 40µH @ 12.0ADC to 2.5mH @ 2.1ADC. All the inductors in this category are suitable for switch mode power supply (SMPS) and other applications. SPB-300 series inductors feature an epoxy paint coated core, and leads tinned to within 0.063" (1.6mm) of the core.

SBP-300 series inductors can be used in almost any application that is battery or alternating current (AC) line voltage powered, and that is in a rectified or filtered circuit, or both. The switch mode power supply or “filter” inductors found in the SPB-300 series are essential in a range of applications, including:

• Portable measuring equipment

• Densely packed cabinets containing rack mounted instrumentation

• Invisible fence collars and charging stations

• Microwave ovens

• Printers

• Welders

• Hand-held LED lights

• Geiger counter power supply

• Air cleaning equipment

• Sonobuoy power amplifiers

The primary benefit of choosing SMPS products in the 25KHz square wave range or higher is their smaller size and reduced weight, compared to a linear, 50/60Hz sine wave power supply that is then rectified and filtered.

If the primary design goal of your end product is small size and low weight, an SMPS source is tough to beat. Even when factoring in the need for transistors, bias resistors, fusing, transient spike protection and a printed circuit board to hold all the circuit components in place, an SMPS source is still likely to be the best solution.

Interference with other electronic devices caused by the switching frequency can be mitigated by shielding the circuit package for electromagnetic interference (EMI) susceptibility and having it tested/certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for Part 15 compliance (non-interference with other devices).

Thank you for taking an interest in our SPB-300 series inductors. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, contact us to request a custom inductor.