SPB-310: 550µH @ 4.3ADC Inductor

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SPB-300 Series Data Sheet
SPB-310: 550µH @ 4.3ADC Inductor

The SPB-310 is a 100% tested, dependable switch mode power supply inductor perfect for countless applications.

Found in household microwave ovens, welders, and sonobouy power amplifiers used by the US Navy, switch mode power supply inductors are essential to the smooth operation of appliances, tools, equipment and more. From handheld LED lights to air cleaning equipment, we use objects every day that rely on functioning inductors of this kind.

The SPB-310 is part of our SPB-300 series, which includes some of our bestselling products online. The SPB-310 has an inductance rating of 550µH @ 4.3ADC, with a maximum DCR of 0.140 Ω. Dependent on the end use, the SPB-310 can accommodate frequencies up to 250KHz.

In fact switch mode power supply inductors like those in the SPB-300 series can be found in battery and alternating current (AC) line voltage powered applications, as well as in rectified and filtered circuits, thanks to their ability to filter the output waveform signals of switching supply circuits. They are frequently also referred to as filter inductors.

The SPB-310 features a ferrite bobbin core, ensuring inductance is stable. The core is also coated in epoxy paint, to provide durability.

The SPB-310 is built to the following dimensions:

  • Core Diameter: 0.955” / 24.26 mm.
  • Core Height of 0.975” / 24.77 mm.
  • Radial leads center-to-center dimension: 0.775 inches / 19.69 mm.
  • Radial leads extending 0.6875” / 17.46 mm to 0.8125” / 20.64 mm.
  • Leads tinned to within 0.063” / 1.6 mm from core exit.

Our high-quality inductors are built to last. For modifications to the SPB-310 or any inductor available to purchase online, contact Prem Magnetics, or request an entirely new custom inductor designed to your specifications today.