SPB-318: 2.5mH @ 2.1ADC Inductor

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SPB-300 Series Data Sheet
SPB-318: 2.5mH @ 2.1ADC Inductor

The SPB-318, found in our SPB-300 series of inductors, is a filter inductor, commonly known as a switched mode power supply (SMPS) inductor. Found in countless end products, the SPB-318 is used to filter output waveform signals in switching supply circuits.

From portable measuring equipment and microwave ovens to printers and air cleaning equipment, SMPS inductors can be found everywhere, in household and industrial products of many kinds.

This 100% tested inductor is a printed circuit part rated at 2.5mH at 2.1 DC amps, and boasts a maximum DCR of 0.608 Ω. The SPB-318 has the potential to meet the needs of switch mode power supply frequencies up to 250KHz, depending on the application.

The SPB-318 and all inductors in the SPB-300 series use a ferrite drum core design, which creates stability and benefits from high flux density saturation characteristics. This means small changes in inductance will be seen between 0DC and maximum output.

The following dimensional information may help you determine whether the SPB-318 is right for you:

  • The SPB-318 features a core diameter of 0.955” / 24.26 mm and core height of 0.975” / 24.77 mm.
  • Inductors in the SPB-300 series are considered open frame and benefit from a lead size of 20 AWG.
  • The center-to-center dimension of the radial leads is 0.940 inches / 23.88 mm, extending 0.6875” / 17.46 mm to 0.8125” / 20.64 mm from the mounting core surface.
  • From the core exit point, the leads are tinned to within 0.063” / 1.6 mm.

The SPB-318 is also designed to be repurposed as through-hole mount inductor. Using a non-metallic #4 screw, mount the inductor to the printed circuit board.

As expert builders of custom inductors, we can modify the SPB-318 to meet the needs of your specific application, or design and build a new inductor to best meet your requirements. Add this existing inductor to cart, or contact us to learn more.