SPLM-100: 25V Line Matching Transformer

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SPLM-100 Data Sheet
SPLM-100: 25V Line Matching Transformer

The SPLM-100 25V speaker line matching transformer weighs approximately 14.5oz (411g) and is developed for 25V-line to 8-ohm speaker applications at five power levels: 8W, 4W, 2W, 1W, & 0.5W. This high-quality transformer is well-suited to be used in schools and for all audio applications requiring a low distributed line voltage. It contains a channel frame bracket for ease of mounting with (x2) 0.187" [4.75mm] diameter holes, and 0.113" [2.87mm] solder tabs for connecting inputs and output. With high-level durability and performance, it sets the industry standard. 

If the SPLM-100 doesn’t meet your specific needs, we can help. Our experts will modify the SPLM-100 or build a new transformer to the exact specifications that you need. Learn more about custom transformer builds or contact us today to request a quote