SPLM-200: 70.7V Line Matching Transformer

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SPLM-200 Data Sheet
SPLM-200: 70.7V Line Matching Transformer

The SPLM-200 70.7V speaker line matching transformer is ideal for commercial distributed sound systems. This transformer is designed and developed for 70.7V-line to multiple output impedances (4/8/16 ohms) applications at three power levels:8W, 16W, & 32W. It is known for excellent performance with a lightweight frame of 4.8lbs (2.177kg) and solder tabs for connecting inputs and output. 

It comes with "L" brackets for ease of mounting within an enclosure or on a mounting plane, with (x4) 0.203" x 0.375" [5.2 x 9.52mm] mounting slots. 

When you need a custom solution or modifications for the SPLM-200 70.7V line matching transformer, look to the professionals at Prem Magnetics, Inc. Contact us today for a quote