SPCT-251: Premium Current Transformer

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SPCT-251 Data Sheet
SPCT-251: Premium Current Transformer

The premium current transformer increases operator safety and reduces the cost of measuring instruments and power consumption. This 1:2000 instrumentation transformer offers the highest quality and accuracy linearity with burden resistor values. The premium current transformer provides precise measurements of voltage, power, current, energy, power, and other electrical quantities.

  • 1:2000 premium instrumentation transformer (using customer supplied 1 turn primary)
  • Exhibits better (than SPCT-250) linearity from 0 - 20Arms with burden resistor values from 300 ohms to 700 ohms
  • Typical Vout percent reduction from ideal based on Rs value of:
    • 100 ohms = 2%
    • 167 ohms = 2%
    • 300 ohms = 3%
    • 700 ohms = 4%