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What is an Inductor?

Inductors are known by multiple names, and may be referred to as “reactors”, or “chokes”. Formed from wound, insulated wire, inductors are also often referred to as “coils.”


What Does an Inductor Do?

Inductors are small but essential parts in countless products used every day by individuals and organizations across an extensive number of industries. They are crucial to electromagnetic induction. Inductors have two terminals, and are designed to have electricity flow through them. As the alternating current passes through, it is stored by the inductor in a magnetic field. As the current changes, an electromotive force is created and the inductor opposes the change. The ability to oppose current change is referred to as “inductance.” At Prem Magnetics, you can find coils with inductance values of 0.9µH at 13.0ADC, to 22mH at 2.4ADC. Air-core inductors wound on plastic bobbins are an economical solution, while inductors with iron or ferrite cores have higher values of inductance as their cores are magnetic. Prem Magnetics offers a wide range of coils to fit your budget.


How Does an Inductor Work?

Coiled wire increases magnetic flux, therefore, the more coils, the higher inductance you might expect from your inductor. Inductance is also impacted by how tightly the wire is wound and whether the inductor has a magnetic (iron or ferrite) core.

As the current and the magnetic flux changes, voltage is produced. The higher the inductance, the greater the expected voltage.


What are Inductors Used for?

Inductors have countless applications in electronic equipment where energy needs to be stored. They are commonly found in:

  • Analog circuits
  • Electronic oscillators
  • Induction motors
  • Power supplies
  • Radio receivers
  • Radio transmitters
  • Sensors
  • Signal processing
  • Switched mode power supplies
  • Tuning circuits

Types of Inductors

There are many varieties of inductors available to meet a wide range of needs. At Prem Magnetics, you’ll find economical, bobbin core inductors, PC mount inductors, surface mount inductors, through-hole mount inductors and switchmode power supply inductors. You also have the option to request custom inductors which we can design and manufacture to your exact specifications.


What are Reactors?

Inductors can be found in electrical transmission systems. In these instances, they are most likely to be referred to as reactors. Because inductance opposes change in AC current, the measured current seen in a circuit “lags” the voltage by some measurable amount of time. This effect can be used in a speed control system to alter the starting current.


What are Chokes?

A choke is a type of inductor often found in radio equipment, with the ability to enable DC to pass, while blocking AC current over a specific frequency band. Prem Magnetics manufactures Attenuating EMI Wideband Bead Chokes and custom chokes to meet a wide range of customer needs.


Find the Inductor to Meet Your Specifications

Prem Magnetics is a leading designer and manufacturer of a wide range of inductors. All our inductors are 100% tested and built to last. We ensure you receive a high quality product you can trust.

At Prem Magnetics, we not only sell a wide range of inductors ready for use, we also offer custom coil winding to ensure your inductor meets your exact specifications. Shop now, or contact Prem Magnetics today for coil winding services.