SPB-316: 1.7mH @ 2.6ADC Inductor

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SPB-300 Series Data Sheet
SPB-316: 1.7mH @ 2.6ADC Inductor

Switch mode power supply inductors like the SPB-316 and all in the SPB-300 series can be used in countless battery or AC line voltage powered applications, including rectified and filtered circuits. Thanks to their ability to filter the output waveform signals of switching supply circuits, they’re also known as filter inductors.

The SPB-316 is perfect for projects that require a rating of 1.7mH at 2.6A, with a maximum DCR of 0.397Ω. This type of inductor can be found in household appliances like microwave ovens, handheld tools including LED lights, air cleaning equipment and welders used in industrial settings.

The ferrite bobbin core in the SPB-316 is responsible for its excellent stability and ability to maintain inductance. Another benefit of the SPB-316 and inductors of this kind is related to their size; they’re small and light enough to fit in many products where these factors are important to their design.

Choose the SPB-316 for an inductor with the following dimensions:

  • Core Diameter: 0.955” / 24.26 mm
  • Core Height of 0.975” / 24.77 mm
  • Radial leads center-to-center dimension: 0.940 inches / 23.88 mm
  • Radial leads extending 0.6875” / 17.46 mm to 0.8125” / 20.64 mm.
  • Leads tinned to within 0.063” / 1.6 mm from core exit.

100% tested and built to last, our inductors are the ideal choice for countless applications. Need a few modifications, or a new inductor built to your exact specifications? Contact Prem Magnetics for design-build projects today.