SPB-314: 1.2mH @ 2.6ADC Inductor

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SPB-300 Series Data Sheet
SPB-314: 1.2mH @ 2.6ADC Inductor

Low weight and small in size, the SPB-314 switch mode power supply inductor is the ideal solution to countless applications where the small size of the end product is a key design consideration. Thanks to their ability to filter output waveform signals, they’re also often known as filter inductors.

Dimensions of the SPB-314 are as follows:

  • The SPB-314 has a core diameter of 0.955” / 24.26 mm and core height of 0.975” / 24.77 mm.
  • It has a lead size of 20 AWG.
  • The radial leads of the SPB-31 have a center-to-center dimension of 0.940 inches / 23.88 mm, extending 0.6875” / 17.46 mm to 0.8125” / 20.64 mm from the mounting core surface.
  • Its leads are tinned to within 0.063” / 1.6 mm from the core exit point.

From alternating current (AC) line to battery powered circuits, rectified, filtered or both, the SPB-300 series of inductors provides stability in inductance, thanks to their epoxy painted ferrite bobbin cores.

The SPB-314 and those across the SPB-300 series can be found in switching supply circuits in end products such as:

  • Hand-held LED lights
  • Printers
  • Sonobuoy power amplifiers
  • Air cleaning equipment
  • Cabinets containing rack mounted instrumentation

The SPB-314 has a rating of 1.2mH at 2.6ADC and a maximum DCR of 0.326 Ω. It also has the potential to meet the needs of switch mode power supply applications that require frequencies up to 250KHz, depending on various factors.

The SPB-314 has been 100% tested for dependability. In need of modifications, a prototype or new inductor design or build? Contact Prem Magnetics to get started.