SPB-309: 475µH @ 4.3ADC Inductor

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SPB-309: 475µH @ 4.3ADC Inductor

The SPB-309 is designed to meet the needs of engineers looking for a 100% tested switch mode power supply inductor. The small size and low weight of the SPB-309 and others in the SPB-300 series make it ideal for use in products where these factors are key design considerations, from microwave ovens to handheld LED lights.

Also known as filter inductors, the SPB-309 is able to filter the output waveform signals of switching supply circuits. This open frame, non-shielded inductor is rated at 475µH @ 4.3ADC, with a maximum DCR of 0.129Ω.

The SPB-309 features a ferrite bobbin core, promoting stability in inductance and enabling high flux density saturation. SMPS frequencies up to 250KHz may be possible with the SPB-309 inductor, depending on various factors relating to the chosen application.

Inductors in the SPB-300 range, including the SPB-309, are designed for versatility. For additional piece of mind, mount the inductor to the printed circuit board using a non-metallic #4 screw placed through the centrally located through-hole.

Dimensions of the SPB-309 are as follows:

  • The SPB-309 has a core diameter of 0.955” / 24.26 mm and core height of 0.975” / 24.77 mm.
  • The SPB-309 has a lead size of 19 AWG.
  • The radial leads have a center-to-center dimension of 0.775 inches / 19.69 mm and extend 0.6875” / 17.46 mm to 0.8125” / 20.64 mm from the mounting core surface.
  • The leads are tinned to within 0.063” / 1.6 mm from where they exit the core itself.

Looking for an inductor designed to meet your application? Ask us to modify the SPB-313, or build a custom inductor.