Single Phase, Linear Power Transformers

At Prem Magnetics, transformers are our specialty. All transformers made by Prem Magnetics are single phase transformers. In this category, you can find single phase linear power transformers, step up transformers and step down transformers, as well as Class B transformers. We expertly design and manufacture all of the single phase transformers mentioned here and more. 

Single Phase Transformers, Linear Power Transformers & Switching Transformers

Our high quality single phase transformers take an input voltage and convert it to an increased or reduced voltage, based on the requirements of your application.

Single phase linear power transformers are widely used and are some of our most in-demand products. This category includes transformers that meet the following requirements:

  • Single phase means the transformer uses only one wave shape (almost always a 50/60Hz sinusoidal wave) being carried from the source (electric company power grid) to the load through the windings.

  • Linear means that the wave shape is not altered via a transistorized (or switching) circuit that increases the frequency in order to reduce size.

  • Power Transformers is a term to denote the intended use of the transformer. A counterpart to this would be the “audio transformer”.

  • Switching Transformers typically operate at switched / higher frequencies, to reduce the size and weight of the product.

Single phase transformers are used extensively. They can be found in industrial, commercial and residential products and are used in almost any product you can think of. If a product needs an isolated voltage source to work, it will often require the use of a linear or switching transformer.


Step Up Transformers & Step Down Transformers

Step up transformers and step down transformers are used in all types of machinery, equipment and instrumentation that need isolation from input to output.

Any control board or device requiring isolation when stepping up or down the input line voltage would be a candidate to use a linear or switching transformer. This would also apply to control boards and devices providing 1:1 isolation.

Countless products use step up and step down transformers. Any electrical product that receives its power from a wall outlet will require a power transformer to function. In many cases, this will be a step up or step down transformer.


Class B Transformers

If you’re looking for Class B transformers, you’ve come to the right place. A transformer’s class relates to the insulation system temperature rating of the transformer, in degrees Celsius. A Class B transformer is also known as a class 130 transformer, meaning that it has a maximum temperature rating of 130°C. Many types of Single Phase Transformers use Class B (130C) insulation systems.

Residential products often have limits on temperature, due to concern regarding flammability hazards in the home. Similar temperature restrictions can also be found in industrial and automotive products. Class B transformers are valuable parts in products that uphold these requirements.


Control Transformers

Prem Magnetics builds custom control transformers when requested by our customers. In general, control transformers are straight 1:1 isolation transformers that are designed to supply a high degree of secondary voltage stability (also known as regulation) during a short period overload condition.


Prem Magnetics Single Phase Transformers

Choose Prem Magnetics for high quality, affordable single phase transformers, known for their dependability. Our transformers are built to last and we are proud to work with small, family-owned companies as well as large corporations by providing exceptional power transformers for a wide range of applications. Find our single phase transformers in power line monitoring equipment, battery charging equipment for emergency lighting, equipment used for the monitoring of granular powders or minerals, equipment running conveyor systems and in vastly more products used in various industries.

Tested for reliability, you can trust our single phase transformers, linear power transformers, step up transformers, step down transformers and Class B transformers for your project. Find the right single phase transformer for your application, or contact us for a custom solution.